Product Recommendations

These are products I purchased with my own money and found so useful that I'd like to recommend them to other R1200GS owners. Like a lot of long-time motorcyclists, my garage shelves are filled with stuff that didn't work. This stuff does work -- highly recommended.
box BestRest Products R1200GS Lightbar
box BMW R1200GS Battery Charger
box Fastway Evolution II Footpegs
box Marsee "Bavarian" 44L Tailbag
box Wilbers shocks
box Wunderlich R1200GS Lifting Handle
box Kaoko Throttle Control

 Web Resources

Parts Fiche A&S BMW's online parts fiche for the R1200GS. An online forum in the U.K. (see New 1200 GS) An online forum for "adventure" riders (see GSpot) Our own R1200GS-specific forum right here!
BMW Motorrad BMW's official Website describing the R1200GS
ForumMotoBMW Thierry Soup's R1200GS Forum in French
Motorcycle Info Pages AndyW's excellent Website of R1200GS resources (UK)

 Misc. Stuff

box "Howling Mad" posted some photos and text on of some modifications he did to his R1200GS, including a custom light guard grille, a GPS mount, a Widder heated vest controller mount, and an under-the-luggage-rack tail bag.
box I documented my Delivery Day with a few photos, and got a great shot of a paddlewheel boat on the Snake river in southern Washington State.
box Some photos of my bike after I painted it green (I didn't like the dark blue -- if it had been yellow or red I would have kept the stock color).
box A page showing the two versions of toolkits being supplied with new R1200GS'es -- the larger original one, and the smaller one now being supplied. Also lists the tools you need, links to a page where you can create your own list of tools, shows examples, custom tools, etc.
box A Givi Windscreen for the R1200GS.
box Some older photos: The R1200GS, the HP2, and more of the HP2, and finally the R1200GS/Adventure.
box The original BMW R1200GS Press Release from early 2004.
box The famous Micatech aluminum saddlebags.
box A custom stainless steel Exhaust system from Holland.
box A BMW site, in German, which decodes the last 7 characters of your VIN (e.g. ZL12345) and gives you a bit of information about when it was built, where, etc.

 Daily Photo Rotation

The photo at the top of the page changes every day. If you own a photo of an R1200GS, or some interesting motorcycle-related subject, and would like to submit it, here's how. Note that the photos must be at least 600 pixels wide, and you must both own the copyright to the photo and grant the right to display it...

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