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I own a 2010GS.
The standard rider's seat tortures your arse. Difficult for me to go more than an hour without a stop. This can be remedied easily - gel, air, aftermarket seats etc.
I struggle sometimes with the LCD instruments (but that's as much my eyes as the bike). Difficult to read with the sun behind you.
Standard screen reflects headlight glare back at you after dark. Again, easily fixed. I used rubber strips behind the screen with double-sided tape.
Honestly, I can't think of anything else that's been enough of a problem to mention, and these issues were easily remedied. Only really niggles.
I haven't had to do any out of the ordinary maintenance or repairs yet, but I try to be proactive, and that's always kept me in good stead.
Lastly, this is truthfully the best bike I've owned in 40 years of motorcycling. In many ways, but mainly in that it's the best match for my style and type of riding.
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