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Do you do your own maintenance? If your answer is yes maintenance isn't all that expensive. If you are going to pay the dealer then be prepared to...

1) pay $100/hour or more with typical maintenance functions coming in at 2-4 hours.
2) pay full price for parts and supplies.
3) pay for things that you might not need. It's not that the dealer is ripping you off, it's that a dealer will almost always replace parts that could possible be re-used. Example: I will re-use valve cover gaskets many times. I inspect them pretty well and I do have a spare set in my garage if needed. A dealer will slap on a new set because it's faster AND there's less of a chance that there will be a leak that would cost the dealer time to repair and harm his reputation. Those gaskets aren't cheap (about $100 for a pair, I think).

Doing your own maintenance isn't hard. It is easier if you buy some of the special tools. A GS-911 will let you reset the service reminder.

Edit: my maintenance costs for my '13 have been $1,127.05 over 25,000 miles. That includes the cost of parts (like those gaskets I mentioned) that are still sitting in my spares container. It also include the $236.92 I paid the dealer for the 600 mile inspection. I typically let the dealer do that one. It does not include the price of any special tools purchased nor does it include the $951.07 I've spent on tires. That amount includes a front tire that has not yet been mounted.

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