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Originally Posted by x7289155 View Post
hey there,

the manual says that the valves need to be checked every 6000, you plan to do it at 24k only?

i'm thinking to do oil and gear oil every 6000 miles, and valve check at the dealer at 12000miles

even though its really easy to check the valves but its a scary process.
the valve cover can be taken out with 3 bolts only and from there i think u can insert a feeler gauge and check it.

BMW wants you to check the valves 12K, but I never do. I normally don't have them check until 18K or 24K pending how the bike is running. Even then it is still good. I don't see the point to pay more money. I change my engine oil twice a year. Spring for the riding season then just before Thanksgiving. Also change brake fluid and gear oil once a year. Clean my air filter every time I change the oil. Bike is 2 years old still have the OEM air filter. I do follow the book but I use commonsense more. Changing the oil twice a year and brake fluid once a year, is over kill with today's technology. I do it because my 10 year old son loves to help me. He looks forward to work on the bike or the cars.
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