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Old 27-Feb-2013, 02:54 PM (870)
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Default Removing the ABS Servo pump R1200GS

I have a R1200GS 2006 Model.

I have been having problems with ABS and brake failure staying on / flashing. After many hours of research the problem was the elect assist servo module with ABS. Because of the cost this is how to remove the module pump, re-plumb brake pipes and split the pump keeping the module intact to ensure brake switches and speedo still work.

1. Connect pipe from front master cylinder to front callipers. Use existing 4 way union, but use one side of the union.

2. Use existing pipe from union on rear frame. Cut, flare and fit new male brake pipe end into rear master cylinder.

3. Remove tank

4. Remove Servo pump complete.

5. Split pump and remove electrical pump connections from the hydraulic pump side. Reconnect multi plug and refit the module only using existing rubber mounting (i fitted a small cover over module and sealed to keep water out.

6. Bleed Brakes as normal and refit tank.

7. You now have it great brakes with no servo. Saving 1000 and it works !!!!.

8. I am working on extinguishing the flashing brake failure and warning light. I am thinking if splitting the dash and just removing the LED's. This is cheapest option.

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Default 2006 Brakes

Thanks for doing the research and writing up the way to do this, if one wishes to avoid the high cost of repair!! It may be an option for me, should this ever happen. How many miles did you have on the bike when this happened? Do you change the brake fluids, or can you attribute the failure to any particular reason?
Sorry for the brake failure!!
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Old 04-Mar-2013, 02:25 PM (851)
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Default Removing ABS Pump

After removing the ABS pump and doing the brake pipe mod the brakes can bleed as normal. This mod will save you a 2.5 K bill from BMW. It all works as I have done it and the brakes are better. You can do a hill start without having to stand heavily on the rear brake pedal.

Hope this helps!!!

PS The problem happened at 36,000 mls
The Complex elect assist servo with ABS is over engineered and too complex for the job it is desigined to do. This problem is really common and BMW won't help unless you pay the massive bill. They won't talk to you about any MOD to the origional build standard.

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Old 06-Apr-2013, 11:13 PM (175)
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Default servo removal

Just done all of the above but speedo will not work!
Have I missed something!
Brake hydraulics were a doddle but speedo will not work after following all the info'.
HELP! MOT date is rapidly approaching.
I am new to this site and any help will be greatly appreciated.

thanks willwatt10
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Old 07-Apr-2013, 01:54 PM (787)
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You did ALL of the above, including

... and split the pump keeping the module intact to ensure brake switches and speedo still work.
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Old 07-Apr-2013, 03:45 PM (864)
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Yes ALL of the instructions in the post
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Old 13-Apr-2013, 08:23 AM (558)
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Default Abs removal

Excellent description, i am in the same boat. My concern was getting throught the MOT with warning lights - any thoughts ?
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Old 13-Apr-2013, 03:09 PM (839)
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Default reference to MOT I could ignore but that's two of you. Maybe if we filled out our bio's before posting it might give a clue, but no one seems to do that anymore Anyway, MOT, is that some kind of annual inspection you guys are worried about? Just a wild guess
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Old 05-May-2013, 11:52 AM (702)
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I'm in the UK, and correct the MOT is an annual inspection to check for road worthiness - Ministry of Transport.

Recent changes mean that no warning lights/indicators are allowed - ABS systems, Airbag warnings etc. The next threat on the horizon is European wide legislation - could come down to no modifications allowed.

There are differences between bikes and cars. Bikes may have ABS removed, cars can't - don't know the reason behind that. So as far as this mod is concerned, I may get away with it this year but if rules are tightened what holds for future tests, I may be left with a bike I can't sell or ride legally.
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Default servo removal

sorry for the long delay, thru work and a noggy internet server.
this is the full story on my problems with the servo - abs system on my 2004
gs. speedo failed, abs lites flashing and servo running while ignition on. brakes still worked as normal !!! tried a new rear wheel speedo sensor no luck.
decided to bin the whole sh*tty system. when i pulled the electrical plug on the pump i still had working brake lites. i tried james mcewan's remedy but still no working speedo. hydraulic brake system was easily fixed with self build brake lines. lites on dash very easily fixed by removing and splitting dash and blocking the small chambers where the led,s live. i bought a gps operated speedo from digital speedos and mounted this on a plate just above the original speedo.
this sits flush with the rest of the dash and looks just fine.
bike is now thru mot and the brakes are first class.
only drawback i have found is that the indicators do not self cancel themselves when in motion.
hope this helps any guys in a similar situation
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