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Default Hepco Becker tank and engine crash bars

I have a 2009 R1200GS not the adventure. I bought the Hepco set and was wondering if anyone was able to find better installation instructions not in German (pictures are always helpfull). I have read that there are problems when you already have the cam covers. I am basically looking for anyone with my year bike that has already been through this seemingly easy modification.
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This is the guide I used for my 2006 R1200GS.
Now I know its not for the 09, but I wonder how much of this was actually changed.

Good luck.
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Haven't done it on your bike. Also haven't done it with the tank protectors. That said, yes, you will likely have problems with the lowers if you are also using valve cover protectors. You will also be doing yourself no favors using both.

When you crash the bars bend. That is their job... by bending they soak up some of the energy of the crash. Small enough crash and they will flex instead of permanently bending. If you use bars and valve cover protectors the bars won't have space to bend, hitting the protectors instead. The protectors can then transmit the force directly to the heads, doing more damage than would be done with the bars alone.

Pics of my install of lowers only on an '05 can be found at http://www.snafu.org/pics/r1200gs/2006/0705-crashbars/

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Default HB case guards

I have an '09 and purchased the HB guards. Good quality and I'm impressed so far. I found the installation fairly straight forward, even though I can't fathom German. However I don't have any other case guards...and I agree with Marc about not needing/wanting the redundancy. One note of caution; I scraped the starboard tube during a fairly aggressive back-road blast...no big deal, but these things will touch down. Am a wee bit spooked with this....I'll be able to tell you more after two track days this weekend
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Default Crash bars

Thanks everyone for your help. I think I will just take off the guards I have and make the whole thing that much easier.
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