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I did all of my 12k miles service except for the valve check. I was getting a tire at Big Sky BMW, Missoula recently, right at 12k miles and asked them about it. They said that they've only seen one bike need valve service at that mileage and this particular nbike had some serious issues, much more than valves out of adj.

Because our bikes have shims, I questioned them about that also: is there just one size? do you have to buy a set, IOW what's the deal on it?
They told me they don't even carry shims in stock, that if a bike needed them replaced they would have to order them. They felt it wasn't worth the hassle of keeping them in inventory because it just wasn't that common of a "wear" item. And they said that they come in different sizes, so a measurement must be done to determine what shim would be needed, if replacment was necessary.

Does that sound right? It was clearly what they said. I didn't misunderstand.

So, now it is 3k miles later and I'll probably pull the covers and check them, keeping fingers crossed, but if anyone has any insight to support Big Sky's impression, I'd be interested.


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