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Originally Posted by Dr. Strangelove View Post
I did all of my 12k miles service except for the valve check. I was getting a tire at Big Sky BMW, Missoula recently, right at 12k miles and asked them about it. They said that they've only seen one bike need valve service at that mileage and this particular nbike had some serious issues, much more than valves out of adj.


I only know one person who has 2 GS, both liquid cooled and he never done the valve service.

but yea it's all about PEACE OF MIND hehe.. so i dont know.
i'm at 5500 miles now, so my next service is just engine oil change in 500 miles and i'm going to do that myself.
by the time i get to 12k, ill see!
but i asked bmw, they told me it's about $200 to $350 (with adjustments if needed) so it's not tooooo bad...
the whole 12k service is $700. but i will do the engine oil, gear oil, air filter myself and take it in for valve inspection only.
and they charge $140 for gaskets. they gave me the estimate. it's about $75 per valve cover gasket. WAY TOO MUCH.

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