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Great feedback

After taking mine across the US and back, over mountains in through rivers, I too am very impressed with the whole package (after 4 years on a GTL). My average day on the pavement when trying to get somewhere I want to ride is long, I'lll leave it at that and the only two things needed to make the bike perfect was a larger windscreen and some rubber inserts for the foot-pegs (old knees get sore after a while). Its not hard at all to sit on for a whole talk of fuel (GSA).

I have dropped the bike several times with gear and without, and the BMW cases have taken a beaten. Several dents and now the left one isn't water tight. I also had to straighten the mounting bracket on the left side as it was (is) off by 3/8" or so. I won't replace them for now as I'm sure I will drop it again on my next adventure.

Other than that , all of the farkles that came with the bike work perfectly and haven't let me down yet.
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