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Old 26-Nov-2008, 09:37 PM (151)
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Default Tank removal

I'm brand spankin' new to the adv world, and any help you experienced folks can provide would be greatly appreciated. I need to pull the gas tank off an '08 GS to route some wires to the battery. Are there any tricks to this? or is it pretty straight forward? It's those little "...don't forget to xxxxx before you xxxx...." that I'd like to know.
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Old 27-Nov-2008, 07:52 AM (577)
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Default Welcome to the forum...

I have a '05 GS, so I can't speak specifically to your question, but on mine, tank removal is fairly straightforward. However, when routing wires on mine (a cigarette lighter outlet, direct to the battery), I found it easier and more advantageous to route the wires external to the tank. It was easy to route the wires under the trim panels that cover the tank, and for eventual tank removal they are easily laid out of the way. Just a thought for your consideration.

Oh, by the way... welcome to GSing!
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Old 27-Nov-2008, 11:08 AM (714)
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On my '05 the tank comes off with the removal of two fuel quick disconnects, two electrical connections, two vent tubes, two trim screws, and two screws that hold the tank. This is after I pop off the two side covers -- no tools required on the '05 model.

Total tools needed: T-25 for the two trim screws, M5 hex wrench for the tank screws, a small screwdriver to pop off the electrical connections at the fuel tank.

The aluminum side panels do NOT have to be removed, just be careful when you put the tank down.

When putting the tank back on the bike be careful with the fuel quick disconnects. A little silicon grease on the o-rings helps them slide together. Also, make sure the that the locking latch is in the "open position". If you accidently trigger it to the closed position the only thing you'll do when trying to connect the line is tear the o-ring (or crack the plastic!).

// marc
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Old 27-Nov-2008, 09:12 PM (133)
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Smile Got r done!

Thanks for the input, guys. I was able to get the TT cockpit cover 2 installed without having to remove the tank after all. After removing the windshield, beak, tank cover and side covers, I had reasonable access to thread the wires through the tank. Piece 'o cake! I can now plug in the gypsy or charge the battery without spending the $$ for the "special" BMW charger.

Again, thanks.

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