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Installed Wunderlich 25 mm bar risers to my 2015 GSA. Would have been easier if the directions had mentioned that the risers aren't symmetrical and both have to be installed with the etched lettering towards the left side of the bike.

Once installed they did make the bike more comfortable. Rode a bit over 100 miles and my back, which sometimes bothers be while riding, felt fine.

The cables and hoses seem OK without modification, but do touch the triple clamp at full steering lock. I don't think they rub hard enough to cause any wear, and I don't spend much time at full lock, but I'll keep an eye on them.

I also noticed that if the windshield is lowered all the way, the rearview mirror on the right side touches the window with handlebars turned all the way to the left. Turning all the way to th right doesn't make the left mirror touch though. Odd. Everything looks and feels normally centered and positioned.
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