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2013 LC ESA Problem

Hi all,

I am new in forum but I was following threads for many years. I have a 2013 r1200gs LC, it is the first generation of this product line. On october 2014, first I had the esa problem. When I've started the engine, the yellow error indicator turned on and in the description field esa was written. All the suspension was locked and it was impossible to move. After a few times to stop and re-start the engine, it turned to normal state and suspensions were smooth again. I went to local technical support to check the problem. They connect the bike to the computer but there was no error log on the system.

After 1,5 years later, last week, same problem had occured. Exactly same situation and same solution. I was running about 30 kilometers and I'd stop for refueling on the gas station. After refueling, I've started the engine and esa had locked again. I've called the technical guy and asked him if there is any bike had same problem after 3 years of manufacturing, unfortunately he said that the only esa problem was mine

Lastly; there is no problem while engine is running. It appears after engine starts.

The screen shot of display when the problem had occured is below. If any idea or any heard of similar problem, please say here.

Thanks & Best Regards...

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