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Jolyon 07-Jul-2019 12:21 PM (723)

2005 R1200GS drive shaft.
Hi everyone,

I am looking for help if I may and I am aware this is my first post so I hope this request does not annoy or offend.

I have had my 53000 mile R1200GS for 3000 miles and the clutch boss has stripped its splines and there is wear on the gearbox input shaft. Well, that is why it stopped going anyway.

I have stripped it today and to my utter dismay I see that the drive shaft splines at the bevelbox end are worn.

Does anyone have for sale a shaft with good splines or does anyone know where I can buy one.

Kind regards from the UK.


Aida R. Pate 08-Jul-2019 03:28 AM (352)

Sourcing locally
I was incredibly impressed with They took the job description of the position I was desiring and wove it so professionally into my resume. It was done very quickly and back so I
could put in my application immediately. I don't know about the job yet, too soon. But at least I know I put in an outstanding resume no matter what the outcome.

PoppyGreg 11-Jul-2019 02:45 AM (323)

Try Beemer Boneyard
Ive had good experiences with them (K and R Series bikes). Delivered to Australia no problem - fair prices, quick delivery and good communication. I would also recommend Chris Harris' vids on You Tube. he covers the topic comprehensively.

vaughnriding 11-Jul-2019 03:29 PM (853)

I got mine from Beemerboneyard. Love it. It's the rebuildable one.

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