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First, "Justwant2ride", I just had a chance to go through the Pirelli article that you included; very interesting!! I have a feeling the price of the Pirelli Scorpion's will jump next month!!! I was also a bit surprised to see how poorly the Anakee III's came out in the Motorrad Test?!?!? But given what many of the folks have said on this Forum, I'm not totally surprised that the Anakee III's came up short. "Dr. Strangelove", your suggestion to look at the Angel GT as well as the Scorpion was appreciated. The tread design of the Angel GT, particularly on the Rear, has a lot of similarities to the PR4 GT & Trails. And I personally like how both the PR4 GT and Trail handle. And yet the Scorpion Trail tread reminds me a lot of the Metzler Tourance Next, both for the front and the rear tires? And I had great luck with the Tourance although I didn't feel they were quite as good for grip in the wet as the PR4's. And since I'm absolutely unconvinced that there's any difference in any of these 80/20 - 90/10 - 95/5 tires when riding back-country (they're all marginal at best in my opinion), I'm probably going to go with the Pirelli Angel GT now that I've seen it?!? And if I'm going to get serious about back-country riding on a GSA, I'll start looking at a Continental TKC80 or something even more gnarly, and I'll be happy if they give me 2,000 miles. But I'm pretty sure I'll grab my quad or my Husaberg first if I really want to go chase the gnarly And you're right, I'm up in the Pacific North-West. Siping is a must in the winter and it works great for hooking up on wet pavement, braking with ABS and extending tire life overall.
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Just replaced my new bike Anakee III's at 4732 miles. Could have gotten 2-300 more miles on the rear, a few more one the front. I run 400 mile day trips so I just didn't want to take a chance. Put on PR4 Trails. Ran about 150 miles after changing them. Wow, way better than Anakee III's on the street where I ride.
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Thanks again, I won't even bother with the Anakee III's then. As I said earlier, I have the PR4-GT's on my K1200S and the PR4-Trails on my R1200GSA. Both have been impressive handling tires and extremely quiet. And to Michelin's credit, those siped front tires truly do reduce braking distance significantly over any other tire I've tried. And there's a lot to say for that. I'm disappointed in the wear-life of the Michelin's versus the Metzler's though so I'm leaning heavily towards trying out Pirelli's Angel GT's on my K1200S and their Scorpion Trails on my R1200GSA this next time around. I actually run Michelin Pilot Roads on my sports car now and they're twice the tire that the OEM Pirelli's were in that application, including 25% more miles, quieter and better handling, so it'll be interesting to see if it's the same with motorcycle tires or not?!? Probably stupid to even try this experiment but what the hell!! And I'll still want to hear more about Metzler's Tourance Next tire; the Metzler Tourance provided me the longest tire life I've ever experienced, by nearly 50% more!! And while the handling wasn't quite as good as the PR4 in my opinion, it wasn't bad either. So we should have lots to compare over the next year or two
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Pros: 8300 miles, 6000 in very hot weather. No abnormal wear. Great on the pavement. Surefooted on the trail even the hard stuff.

Cons: turn around if you see mud, really! Sand, eh. No side grip so going high around an obsticle is dicey. 3rd gear max for me on dirt roads, not confidence inspiring for me.

Will I buy them again: yes, at least another rear. Next year to use the other half of this front up ?

Putting a set of Wilds on for the first time
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Im assuming these are the Anakee III's? For what it's worth, you've got significantly more tread left on that rear tire at 8,300 miles than my PR4 Trail has at 8,000 miles!! Most of my miles were in hot weather and loaded with about 450 lbs of people and gear, but that's still 3,500 miles less than I got on the Metzler Tourance.
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Experience with A3's on 2016 R1200GSA

New OEM REAR lasted ~7000 miles = 3000 miles of carving country roads 1 up + 4000 miles 1 up fully loaded cross country trip inclusive of ~700 miles of fairly aggressive mountain and coastal riding. Might have been able to scrape out another 500-1000 miles before replacement.

New OEM FRONT lasted ~12000 miles with all of the above plus another 3000 miles return trip cross country (mostly freeway over 80MPH 1 up fully loaded) and another 2000 miles local back road brisk riding 1 up w/o luggage.

Overall super satisfied with the on road performance and match to the bike. Super confidence inspiring in any weather on road. Off road they're good for packed gravel only where they perform quite well. Anything more aggressive off road, i.e. out in the Mojave Desert sand, and they're near useless (you can puzzle out how I know this).

If you're a 90/10 rider, you'll be hard pressed to find a better match for the bike.

BTW- Someone in an early reply mentioned the front wearing before the rear. My background includes over a decade of road racing. Trust me, on this bike with it's weight and torque you won't be wearing the front out before the rear. I doubt you could do so even if you ran around the entire time in rain mode
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I put a set of A-IIIs on my '06 GS at 51,000 miles last spring. I'm now at 58K. The rear still looks quite good aside from a little bit of flattening out in the middle (the price of living in Illinois), and if it continues to wear at the rate I've measured over the last 7000 miles, it should be down to the wear bars after 11-12K. Not bad at all.

The front is another story. It's not wearing down so much as it's wearing weird. It's getting noticeable cupping and scalloping around the tread grooves, and it's developing what can only be described as a ridge in the center. The rubber at the center of the tread seems almost to be protruding from the rubber on either side. I didn't think these were dual compound tires, but the front is acting as if the center of the tire was made of much harder rubber than the rest of the tread. Quite odd. So far I haven't noticed any handling peculiarities, but of course I haven't compared with a brand-new tire. Just keeping my eye on it for now...
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Aprox 27000 miles I've managed to put on the Anekee 3, front and rear. I've ride with them from, miss summer 2016 til Feb 2017 (Road only) . The feedback from the tyre was ok. But not brilliant.. With several occasions lost grip on wet, even though the corner was approach nicely.
PR4 I found to be a better tyre, although rear last for 13500 miles and front 27000 miles, and there were a bit noise.
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Originally Posted by overtwistadv View Post

BTW- Someone in an early reply mentioned the front wearing before the rear. My background includes over a decade of road racing. Trust me, on this bike with it's weight and torque you won't be wearing the front out before the rear. I doubt you could do so even if you ran around the entire time in rain mode
The same is happening here. My R1200GS 2012 has a set of Anakee IIIīs on it with with 8000 miles (13000km). The front tyre seems it will be gone with an additional 1000mi (1600km). But the rear one doesnīt show any wear at all and IMHO can easily go for another 5000mi / 7500km.

The pressure is always dead on (36F - 42R) and 70% of time itīs only the pilot (no luggage and missus stays home) and 90% is on road.

So whatta heck is going on?
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New 2017 1200GS came with Anakee 3 tyres. At 7500kms the rear may have another 500kms. The front may go 10,000kms. I was expecting better kms out of the rear based on what i read. A 3,300km trip with say 2/3 riding upright grind seems to have killed the tyre. But, 2 other guys with Anakee 3's on 2012 & 2016 GSA's used about half the wear i got though they did not do quite as many km's as me and they don't gass it up like i did in the Alps.

As a road tyre it is confidence inspiring and as good as any tyre i have ever used on sealed roads (maybe it's down to the GS and its excellent handling & suspension), both wet & dry. Wear pattern is good and i put this down to the tread grooves run with the tyres slip angles minimizing any scolloping.
Front tyre was noisy as when new but is getting quieter as the tread depth reduces. Noise from front tyre would be intolerable without ear plugs.

On unsealed roads the front wonders a bit on loose stuff in a straight line and is not overly confidence inspiring in corners. It is a 90/10 tyre but if ridden appropriate to the conditions has been ok so far. Big bike and big $'s to chuck down the road.

If the rear Anakee 3 had excelled in km's i would likely use again, especially for their on-road ability. I am tempted to try Avon TrailRiders next.

Tyres are so bloody expensive to start with and if you get a dud then you have to live with it for a while. Murphy law says a crap tyre you want to see the end of will last forever.
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