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Originally Posted by montanaman View Post
So given all this information on fuel do we think that running a non-ethanol product is benificial if not in terms of fuel economy but for the tank and fueling system.?
Ethanol fuels don't last long if you live in an area of high humidity. The fuel will absorb moisture over time. Eventually the water saturated alcohol separates and can cause problems. This is not an issue if you use you fuel quickly, e.g. don't let the bike sit for weeks at a time, or if you live in a place with moderate humidity. Here in the SF Bay Area ethanol fuel lasts a good long time.

There is one other condition: fuel quality. Some places have crappy fuel with an ethanol content of 15% or more in spite of what it says on the pump. Or the station doesn't sell a lot of fuel and it sits in the station tank absorbing moisture for long periods of time. Etc.

tl;dr version: use a name brand gas from a station that does a reasonable volume of service and use the fuel in a reasonable amount of time.
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Modified IAT and SAE connector

Getting ready to start fidling with my bike. Tomorrow I plan to replace orig. IAT sensor with Belinassu sensor. Also, add SAE connector to battery terminals. Any advice?
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Originally Posted by Lowcruzr View Post
To compare notes... I did a 135mile(217km) ride yesterday, non-stop. Bike has ~400 miles total on it. It's a baby!

Outside temp: 40-57 deg F (4-11 deg C)

Vibrations: Mild. This thing just doesn't vibrate at anything other than the ~1200rpm idle speed.

Optimal speed with reasonable amount of handlebar vibrations: Again, I just don't get vibes through the bars. I'm simply amazed.

Wind in uppermost windshield position: Very significant wind at the top of my helmet. I'm 5' 9" (1.5m), stock seat in the low position.

Noise from wind: Very high. Again, the wind hits my helmet right at the top of my visor and forces are through the seal!

Side wind sensitivity, bike stability: Excellent.

Overtaking in 6th: Excellent.

Engine temp: I ran a hair cooler at 178 deg F (81 deg C) probably due to the outside air temp.

Seat comfort: Not the best I've had but I'm ordering a lowered aftermarket seat anyway.

Fuel tank capacity: I'm averaging 45.09mpg right now. That's 5.2L/100Km for our metric pals.

My three complaints are the navigation Wonderwheel, side stand, & the front tire howl. First, the Wonderwheel works great but I have a hard time finding the turn signal/horn because the reach is farther away. Second, the stock Anakee 3's howl like a wolf 24/7 but especially loud around 50mph. Do other have that issue? And finally, the side stand doesnt go forward enough IMO. I put the bike in gear, roll it forward until it stops, then put the side stand down. I fear it'll roll forward on collapse the stand on my slight inclined driveway.


Yep, howling! Iíll be glad to get something quieter after the tire wears a little more. For me itís not worth ditching a brand new bike tire but it is annoying!

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Originally Posted by bmwbob51 View Post
Wunderlich is pricy and I bought this and no complaints!

I wouldn't be surprised if that's where Wunderlich gets theirs.

2017 R1200GS
1992 K75S
2013 G650GS
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Originally Posted by BMW View Post
Yesterday I went for a 500 mile (all highway) trip with 2017. GS (all factory items on it). With 3000 km on it.
Highway speed limit was 130 km/h. But up to 155 km/h nobody stops you.

Outside temp: 22-27 deg C.
Vibrations- moderate. Optimal speed with reasonable amount of handlebar vibrations: 138-140 km/h just below or at 5000 rpm in 6th.
Wind in uppermost windshield position : significant.
Noise from wind: high (I have some lousy open face helmet). Full face seems to be a must on highway.
Side wind sensitivity, bike stability: excellent.
Overtaking in 6th: excellet.
Engine temp: glued to 83 deg C.
Seat comfort: Low to Medium.
Fuel tank capacity: Low. Had to stop 4 times.

Conclusion: Windshield and seat have to go.

Does this dovetail?
I have the BMW low seat and find it very comfortable. No problem doing multi-day 600km+ days on it.

Wind and wind noise are going to depend on your torso height vs. whatever screen and seat you are using and what position the are in. I have the stock GS screen (not the short one), factory lowered bike with low seat usually in the high position and I'm 5'8" with average leg to torso length. I get lots of wind with my screen in the low position, and I like it that way. At freeway speeds / if I am listening to music or a podcast I'll put the screen up which eliminates 90 - 95% of the wind.

Had to be me. Someone else might have gotten it wrong.
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I've got a GSA, so the complaints about stopping for gas don't register with me. Put a rubber ball between the windshield and the GPS mount to raise the angle of the windshield and cut out the buffeting. Mine was $4.95 at Walgreens. Foam earplugs will cut out the wind noise and the noise from the Anakee III's. I use the cylindrical plugs, the conical ones will not stay in my ears. They reduce the engine and tire noise to the extent that I have to look at the tach to remember to shift.
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