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Maj 30-May-2018 03:44 PM (863)

GS or GSA ?
After way too much research and visiting dealerships I'm about to pull the trigger on a GS.. Am I correct in assuming the only difference in the two is fuel range? At the dealership a salesman keeps directing me towards the GS saying that is is more light and agile and that the larger tanked GSA can cause discomfort from the wider tank.. And I'm not na´ve , I do understand you get the crash bars and luggage scaffolding on the GSA.. I will use it as a "all rounder" and have no long tours planned.

jaxon 30-May-2018 04:51 PM (911)


Originally Posted by Maj (Post 270105)
... I will use it as a "all rounder" and have no long tours planned.

You answered your own question.

The Salesman answered it too.


Vatu 30-May-2018 04:55 PM (913)

Have GS, would buy GSA next time
I have a 2016 GS, OK with it, but would get the GSA next time, mainly for the larger fuel tank. I have my GS outfitted with virtually all the options of the GSA, except the tank; by the time all the racks, cases, crash bars, windshield, lights were added, I am into it nearly as much as a GSA, plus it was a chore ordering and installing all of that, and I think it will have less resale value than a bike with the factory equipment.

My initial reason for getting a GS rather than a GSA was that I thought that a even a factory-lowered GSA would have been too tall for me, but afterwards when I sat on a lowered GSA and I realized it would have fit fine.

I ride with a guy who has an 2015 RT; he has about 80 miles more range than I do. I get about 240 miles "indicated range" after a fillup. I have a Rotopax, which helps a bit on range, if I need it.

But, the GS is a great bike, for sure Having fun with it.

GrayBeard 30-May-2018 05:02 PM (918)

I bought the GS because I knew I could better protection parts on it than came on the GSA. My GS has been ridden more than half its miles off the pavement. Altrider upper and lower bars and skid plate and touratech racks are better IMO than the BMW parts. The BMW hard cases I believe are made by Touratech and I liked the look of the Touratech black cases so again, aftermarket was better for me.

I get 200 mile range out of my GS and if I needed more than that I'd mount up some rotopaxs on my luggage racks.

Advart 30-May-2018 05:24 PM (933)

Agreed that you kinda answered your question, GS....

I opted for the GSA as I do 50/50, take some over-nighters, was going to buy crashbars and luggage rack anyways. I like the larger tank as the group I ride with (mostly non-GSAs) tends to push the limits of fuel range. I like having some margin.

Maj 30-May-2018 05:42 PM (946)

http:// I take it the GSA is not any more or less comfortable? I'm 6'3" so seat height isn't a issue..

virkdoc 30-May-2018 08:09 PM (048)

And i dont think the fuel tank is the only difference!
The rake of the GSA is different! Now I dont know what would that translate too in real world maybe seniors can pitch in but this is what I had come across when I was looking to get my bike.
Also the GS comes with alloys unless you order Cross Spoke wheels which were $1000 extra in India, in the states it might be lesser.
The GS Rallye comes with cross spoke wheels so that is something you can look at. its a beautiful bike!

Pterodactyl 30-May-2018 08:52 PM (078)

I have a GSA, Spousal Unit has a GS. Gets damn aggravating stopping so often so she can get fuel.

Maj 31-May-2018 07:40 AM (528)

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$3,000 difference.... Bigger tank and crash bars... little key fob trunk on tank... Still have to buy panniers on either one... No one has mentioned discomfort from the wider, bigger , tank.. It's all subjective.. I'm starting to get it..

cesarb 31-May-2018 08:05 AM (545)

Had a lowered 2010 GS and was happy with it after I installed a lot of GSA accessories including the spoke wheels. In the end, I wished for the better wind and weather protection the GSA offered as well as its extended range. Every time I would fill up, my GSA riding buddies would just wait for the next fill up and I liked that since I hate stopping for gas. I was getting a lot of wind buffeting with the small stock GS windshield and during the colder days, my legs too were cold. I have a heated jacket liner and gloves.

Got a new '16 lowered GSA (I'm 5'7" 29" inseam) with the stock seat and just love this bike. I commuted occasionally with it, and now that I'm retired, I ride it nearly everyday all year as much as I can. The only thing I added was Rox Risers. Its all stock and it all fits nicely.
I've ridden in heavy rain, cold 26C degrees (coldest) temps., hot 94C degrees and have nothing to complain about.

I suggest you demo both bikes if you can. When doing so, play with the seat adjustment (front and back of the riders seat is adjustable (low/high Front and low/high Rear). Also adjust the windshield.
Good luck with your decision. You cant go wrong with either GS or GSA

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