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The noise

Mine is an R1250GS HP, about a month old, with 980 miles, just had first service. It sounds like a freight train whining from the forks, when going 40-65mph. Below or above that, it goes away. I changed the wind screen, which actually helped a bit, but not much. Was pondering changing tires also, but from the forum, that doesn’t sound like it helps much, if any. I have noticed when changing direction of travel, and with different cross winds, the noise is sometimes greater or worse, depending on the direction. On a ride yesterday, it drove me nuts, then I changed roads and it all went briefly away for a glorious 15 minutes! This makes me think it is a design issue relating to tires, forks, fender, perhaps even the drilled hole spacing in the disc brakes, or a combination of all of these. I almost returned the bike a week after I bought it - but everything else is so wonderful. I use “Radians” custom molded earplugs (do it yourself) get them on Amazon, they reduce sound by 30db and are cheap. You really should use ear protection! But sound is Still obnoxious, still not acceptable, but way better. Am very disappointed in BMW and their lack of attention to this issue. And yes, the writers doing the reviews are ignoring it as well - probably because they are getting freebie trips and use of bikes. Do you really think they would be invited back to Sardinia, Spain, or where ever if they wrote negative remarks? I know several others in the market looking to buy a new BMW, but they probably will not when I disclose this and have them ride mine.
PS, to everyone hearing engine noises, all I can say is mine is just great. And after the first oil change, I think it even runs better. I know, weird.
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By any chance are you using a different helmet and ear plugs than with your previous GS's?
I've tried a lot of different plugs over the years and find some are better at cutting certain frequencies causing others to be more noticeable. Try riding without the plugs and see if the noise is the same. Different windshields can cause more or less noise. Just a thought. Test rode a r1250gs yesterday. Didn't notice anything usual in the way of noise but the vibration compared to my K1600 is very noticeable.
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This appears to be two issue thread.

1. A a rattle/knocking/grumble noise when under slight load. Sounds like small end or piston slap.

2. Wind rush noise coming from the front end.

Noises can be oh so subjective!!!!
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The variable noise coming from the front end is (always) a tire issue and can be solved by changing tires.

This happens frequently with my dealer's clients and therefor is no big deal..

"My" and Maturerider's noise issue on the other hand comes from the internal engine parts and is quite rare (my Belgian dealer only knows of my case, my French dealer also has 4 other clients with similar complaints).

It's tone is constant and does NOT vary with speed or the RPM of the engine.

At an actual mileage of 2324 kms it only disappears now when slowing down and coasting... i.e. the problem is getting more important while mileage is increasing and becomes very worrisome for me.

The Belgian importer has received all the information I already gathered, including some recordings I made of the clattering, rattling, knocking noise while (slightly) accelerating and during constant speeds - but didn't reply (yet) to my dealer's enquiries...

It is most audible from2.700 RPM on and is only drowned by the other engine and wind noises at +/- 4.500 RPM and higher.

If no acceptable (technical) solution is offered in the very near future by BMW I no longer wish to keep this bike.
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Dear Slijkmoto,

You describe exactly the same noise that I am experiencing with my 1250. I feel we are the only two on this forum that are having this issue.

My dealer acknowledges that there is a noise and promised to make enquiries with BMW. Unsurprisingly nothing has come of it.

If you had to make a educated guess what do you think is causing this noise? Do you think it might become terminal? As an UNeducated guess I would say a small end bearing but what do I know.

It's an annoying noise which I hear EVERYTIME I go for a ride.
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Hi Maturerider,

Some, more technically informed, guys I've sent a copy to of my recording are of the opinion that :

- it might be a faulty balance shaft
- it even may be dangerous to go on riding it, for fear that the entire engine my come to a sudden standstill.

At this time I am back in Belgium (riding my problem free Kawa Versys 1000 - what a joy...) and my GS is standing unemployed in the garage of my French home.

I hope to have received a positive reaction from BMW before my return to France by the end of June, but I won't be holding my breath...

My most probable scenario at this time is : selling my 2019 R1250GS back to my dealer and rebuying my "perfect" 2015 R1200GS which hasn't been sold yet to another client of his or purchasing an S1000XR and getting rid at once of this blasted boxer engine... (this is my second GS in a row with serious engine defects and I am getting sick and tired of it).
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Originally Posted by Rick92040 View Post
I'm wondering if it's a shift cam solenoid getting stuck and causing it to switch cams repetitively.
Sorry off topic. Hey Rick got your PM but couldn't respond due to low posting count.
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Dear Slijkmoto

Bloody hell!!!!

I know it shouldn't be making that noise but the thought that 'the entire engine may come to sudden standstill' is rather a concern. I'll try not think about it too much when I'm giving it the beans down my favourite twisty country road.

Please would you let me know when you have confirmation of exactly what is causing this annoying noise.

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Hey Maturerider ,

Look at the bright side : my French dealer , who's technical knowledge is undoubtedly of a higher level than that of those guys I mentioned earlier, admitted that he doesn't know where the noise is coming from but, after having dismantled the engine from another GS in search of the strange noise and not finding anything out of the ordinary, he doesn't think it is harmful...

So personally I don't fear any bodily harm coming from it, but since in my bike the famous noise is increasing in volume and frequency, I worry that it might cause more severe damage to the internal parts of the engine,if not taken care of soon.

As promised I'll keep you posted...

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I just received a short video with sound from my dealer who thinks the strange noise may be coming from " a resonance in the inlet area between inlet valves and throttle valve butterfly" which would be a conceptual matter and therefor won't be remedied by BMW.

If that would be the case, I wonder (not being technical myself) :

- why not ALL R1250GS suffer from this sound
- why it only can be heard during acceleration or at a fixed speed and not when coasting or decelerating
- why it cannot be heard when stationary or when slightly opening the throttle with a pulled in clutch

Any ideas, Nick ?
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