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Matt19447 04-Jun-2019 10:24 PM (141)

Pain in right shoulder
I just returned from a long cross country ride and after multiple long days in the saddle I started having a sharp on in the right shoulder and upper back. I’m guessing from the handlebar positioning. Any one experienced similar issues and any suggestions? Thanks

Pterodactyl 04-Jun-2019 10:39 PM (152)

Every year at the start of the riding season. I think it is caused by muscles getting used to carrying a helmet and the riding position. It helps if I concentrate on sitting up with a straight back, but is really a conditioning, or lack there of, issue.

Dr. Strangelove 05-Jun-2019 08:39 AM (568)

look up "impingement syndrome" and see what you think

Matt19447 05-Jun-2019 09:27 PM (102)

I checked out the impingement syndrome but the pain is more mid clavicular radiating across the upper back. I’m thinking about changing the handlebar positioning or maybe it’s just muscular and needs to be massaged out.

Also Ran 06-Jun-2019 06:27 AM (477)

How old are you? That is a huge factor in why stuff aches. At 56 my left shoulder is ruined. I can still hold the bars but long off road is like someone ramming a knitting needle through my shoulder. Rotator cuff is a mess. Torn this and that, crash impacts etc... Could be your bars, could be a life well lived.

Gdoss 06-Jun-2019 06:56 AM (497)

I use a Dainese kidney belt for long rides. It has a lower back support and keeps the back straight. Adjustable bar risers may also ease the shoulder pain.

Matt19447 06-Jun-2019 07:20 AM (513)

43 years old, but it’s been a rough 43 on my back and all my joints. Thanks for the input all I will try some of these suggestions.

Also Ran 07-Jun-2019 05:35 AM (441)


Originally Posted by Matt19447 (Post 290747)
43 years old, but itís been a rough 43 on my back and all my joints. Thanks for the input all I will try some of these suggestions.

I hear ya. Take your arm off the bars more often and let it hang and or rotate it. Leaning forward and back so you don't lock in one position is good, arms and back. Adjustable bar risers will help find that sweet spot. Other than that Advil? A535? Dunno

judgedelta 07-Jun-2019 06:46 AM (490)

I've been suffering at both ends on long rides lately. The lower end from sliding forward with the seat in the low position and also experiencing pain between the shoulder blades. I raised the seat back up in the front, which helps a lot, although it puts me almost on tiptoes, which I don't like. I have ordered bar risers from Wunderlich and hope that will cure the back/shoulder issue.

Ergo Handlebar Risers (#41970011-111) Oil and Water Cooled (1994 to present) 41970011-111 | BMW Wunderlich America

Matt19447 07-Jun-2019 09:19 PM (096)

Thanks for all the responses. Gonna try some bar risers and see if that helps.

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