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Originally Posted by Lowcruzr View Post
To compare notes... I did a 135mile(217km) ride yesterday, non-stop. Bike has ~400 miles total on it. It's a baby!

Outside temp: 40-57 deg F (4-11 deg C)

Vibrations: Mild. This thing just doesn't vibrate at anything other than the ~1200rpm idle speed.

Optimal speed with reasonable amount of handlebar vibrations: Again, I just don't get vibes through the bars. I'm simply amazed.

Wind in uppermost windshield position: Very significant wind at the top of my helmet. I'm 5' 9" (1.5m), stock seat in the low position.

Noise from wind: Very high. Again, the wind hits my helmet right at the top of my visor and forces are through the seal!

Side wind sensitivity, bike stability: Excellent.

Overtaking in 6th: Excellent.

Engine temp: I ran a hair cooler at 178 deg F (81 deg C) probably due to the outside air temp.

Seat comfort: Not the best I've had but I'm ordering a lowered aftermarket seat anyway.

Fuel tank capacity: I'm averaging 45.09mpg right now. That's 5.2L/100Km for our metric pals.

My three complaints are the navigation Wonderwheel, side stand, & the front tire howl. First, the Wonderwheel works great but I have a hard time finding the turn signal/horn because the reach is farther away. Second, the stock Anakee 3's howl like a wolf 24/7 but especially loud around 50mph. Do other have that issue? And finally, the side stand doesnt go forward enough IMO. I put the bike in gear, roll it forward until it stops, then put the side stand down. I fear it'll roll forward on collapse the stand on my slight inclined driveway.


Yep, howling! Iíll be glad to get something quieter after the tire wears a little more. For me itís not worth ditching a brand new bike tire but it is annoying!

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