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Originally Posted by LAS View Post
hanks, Rick, I assume you mean Anakee 3s for Michelin. If the bike comes with PR4s, Iíll have them off before the bike leaves the dealer. I do like he Roadsmart for paved road riding. Iíll look into the Trailsmarts. So we have the Battleax and the Michelinís. What is the third tire that the GS comes in?
I'm sorry. Their are 4 tire manufactures who supply tires for the R1250GS. The Bridgestone A41, Continental TKC80, Metzeler Karoo 3 and the Michelin Ankee.
And I misspoke about the Bridgestone. In the past they flattened out quickly but I don't know about the A41's as they are fairly new.
If you do get them your the perfect guy to give us a report. BMW Motorrad International

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