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Question Looking at a used GS. Need advice.

I have a friend with a GS he wants to sell. It's an 05 GS with ABS and plenty of accessories. Issue is it has not been cranked in over a year and the gas is at least that old maybe a bit older. Battery is dead. He does not remember if he used additive in the gas. I bought a F650GS from him in past in similar case and it needed a fuel pump since it was rusted/locked up. Other than that it was a great bike. This GS has been stored inside. So what are the potential problems? I assume fuel pump may have issues. What else? What do I need to check? Build date for the R1200GS was 5/05. He believes its less than 20k miles.

I'm thinking drain the gas and add fresh with techron and stabil additive. Add new battery and crank and ride to warm up fluids then change all. Do a brake flush and check rear splines while changing the FD oil.

Thought, suggestions on the best way to bring it back to life?


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