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I bought an "05 under similar conditions 3 years ago. Dead battery. Stored in a garage 3 years with a tank of gas . In Florida, gas turns to crap from heat. I took the chance plus I knew the seller well enough and bought the non runner.

Step #1 - Ran the VIN through the BMW service recall database. Bike had not yet had the fuel pump recall performed yet. Good news for me since dealer would honor the recall "free".

Step #2 - Pulled tank and dumped putrid fuel. Reinstalled tank.

Step #3 - Installed a new battery , switched on, but did not crank the motor since did not want to run any putrid fuel through EFI.

Step#4 - got an appointment with local BMW service center and trailered bike down to them. Did not tell them about condition of bike.

Step #5 - Picked up bike next day and was delighted when they told me bike was running great and they performed 3 recall services including new pump, controller and even did the rear hub recall.

Bike had 24 k miles on odometer. Has run perfectly ever since. I do the rest of the maintenance myself. The original owner was a perfectionist on maintenance and accessories. Still can't believe how little I paid for the bike and how well it has served me. Only issue of any significance I incurred was a brake servo malfunction. BMW wanted $3000 for new unit. On my own I bled the system and the problem was air bubbles in the rear lines. Just the price of fluid was the cost of the repair. Be careful of dealers. They are profit based. If it were me I would take the dive.

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