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I actually bought the Hardanger suit in mid-March and I usually fit in an XL size or Euro 56 (I think), but this suit fit best as a Large. I use it to commute as I have to wear a uniform to work, so itís nice to just set into the suit & go. I do feel protected with the feel of the suit.


It is most definitely NOT waterproof. It does a good job as a light rain protector, but if you go through and hard rain where a possibility of some puddling of rain around your crotch and top of thighs, that area are gonna be wet. Itíll look like you pissed yourself. Like really bad.

Now hereís where is starts to get me upset... Klim warranty requires you to ship the suit to the factory. On YOUR dime. This is a performance issue, not a breakage of any one component. So I gave the suit back to my dealer, who is in turn giving it to their sales rep, who is sending it back to Klim for inspection. I have no idea how this will turn out, when or even IF Iíll get my suit back. In the meantime, Iím using a 2 piece suit - Sedici Adventura jacket with Olympia overpants. I have waterproof covers for both the jacket and pants and they are truly waterproof. So no performance loss in my view.

In hindsight, I probably wouldnít have bought the suit in the first place knowing the issues with Klim warranty considering the cost of admission. Just my $0.02


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