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I had a get off on a gnarly hill, and the bike was on it side for a good 20 minutes before I could get it upright, 2018 R12000 GSA.

When I went to start the display said rear brake light malfunction. Then the starter would stall similar to what you would experience with a hydraulic lock. I released the starter button and it took two more attempts before it the engine would do a complete rotation and start.

Blue smoke for the next 2 kms. On start up it was equivalent to someone fogging the brushes for mosquitoes. Error on display disappeared.

Bike ran fine and has run fine since.

Talking to my dealers mechanic he said this was to be expected. Next time to leave the bike upright the equivalent amount of time that it was laying on its side before starting, this will allow the oil to drain back into the sump. The starters sprag gear is a sacrificial part and will break before you will do any engine damage such as bending a rod.


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