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Originally Posted by Candubrain View Post
Thats 1/2 the price of anywhere else.
I'm presently running the Karoo 3's on my GSA, other than being loud they are an excellent tire with plenty of grip on wet or dry tarmac
I would definitely consider the Karoo 3s. I am a big Metzeler fan (German engineering ... what's not to like?!). Had their Roadtec Z8s on my old FZ6, and the Roadtec 01s on my GS are fantastic. Crazy smooth on the freeway. Mitas E07s have been getting a lot of love, so I was looking at those as well, but hard to pass up this sale on the Capra Xs. Having never heard of Anlas before, I admit I was biased against them. But the reviews seem to be universally positive. Would love if someone did a decent review on Youtube (Chaparral Motorsports, I'm looking at you).

Had to be me. Someone else might have gotten it wrong.
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