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Lake Huron

Addendum 4 - Lake Huron

I'm back from my Lake Huron tour. I now have 4,453kms (2,767 miles) on the Capra Xs. The tires performed very well on the trip, which was almost entirely rural highways (some of rather dubious quality!), with short jaunts on the I-75 and highway 404 in Ontario. We also ran part of the outstanding highway 118 in Ontario. Highly recommended! Aside: I must admit I'm a little more trepidatious in the corners since my little slip n' slide incident mentioned above.

Mr. Obvious says: The tires certainly seem to be wearing faster than my usual road tires. I doubt I'll be getting anywhere near 20,000kms out of a rear. I'll update this post with pics and tread depth measurements tomorrow. As the tires have worn I think I have noticed an increase in noise and "rumble". I'm guessing this is expected... as they wear, more of the blocks / block pattern comes in contact with the road? Might be talking out my ass here... at any rate, it is certainly not a problem. I kinda like the rumble. I occasionally notice a slight"howl" coming up through the front end, possibly similar to the issue others are reporting with their 1250s. It's mild, and certainly a product of the tires. I've never noticed it with street tires.

It was a bit silly to put the Capras on right now ... I knew I had a ton of pavement riding coming up, with more to follow (club ride this weekend and then a run up to a Motorrad shop for my 40,000km service). Really need to get out on some unpaved roads but this week is mostly a bust. I might be able to get out on some dirt roads tomorrow.

Had to be me. Someone else might have gotten it wrong.

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