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Originally Posted by smillerv2 View Post
I have one of these ramps and have used it many times to haul full size Harley and BMW touring bikes, among other smaller bikes, in the backs of trucks. Sure beats pulling a trailer! You said your truck is too high, but I think you can still use this ramp. I used these cheaters shown at the bottom of this Web site (Truckin) so I can still put both feet down while getting up on the ramp. They fill that gap as you roll the front wheel up the ramp until your back wheel reaches the bottom. I also try to park in places where the ground slopes enough to help reduce the height of the tailgate.
Agree bike is better in the truck bed then in a trailer behind it.
Saw those cheaters and didn't care for it.
Bought a 12' ramp and it works great. Feet are on the ramp all the way up.
Works even better when I park the truck at a lower elevation, like in the street, and then the ramp end is in my driveway. Those extra inches lower make a huge difference.
Used it couple times already. Works great.
Someone is coming to look at the 10' ramp today and hopefully buying.

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