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  1. bmwbob51
    18-Jan-2016 10:23 AM (683) - permalink
    going from neutral to first at a stop always goes clunk and is normal. All other gears shifts should be smooth assuming correct shifting process and you should have shift assist requiring no clutch.
  2. nasrallah
    18-Jan-2016 04:36 AM (441) - permalink
    my name is FADI

    i bought a R1200 GS ADVENTURE 2015 model since few month, now it is up to 1200 km , i have done the first 1000 km service 1 week ago.
    Something that's troubled me since getting my bike is that the shifting doesn't seem as smooth as I would expect. When I shift into first from neutral, the whole bike shudders and there is a very loud CLUNK sound. Shifting into second is likewise balky, i never expect to have such bad noise, when i show my friend that have Kawasaki motorcycle he was surprised that his own is very smooth company to my latest motorcycle.
    The other gears seem to be fine, and shifting 3-6 is smooth and what I would expect from a bike of this caliber.

    Anyone else experience this? Is this normal for these bikes? Or is a trip back to the dealership in order?

    plz sir , i will be fully thanks if you can helping me solving this problem.
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