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  1. Just finished engine oil change on '18gs. Level is reading above MAX line, but not completely covering sight glass. Thought I might let a bit out. Maybe... through filter, cracking the drain plug a hair, any other thoughts? Or just leave it? Thanks for any help in advance.
  2. I've been on a R1200GS buying jag for the last few months. I've bought one in February, June, July, August, September and now October + two others I bought in previous years. I have sold a few and currently have 4. The funny thing was the fellow came to look at the 2009 R1200GSA I've been...
  3. General chatter
    I just bought some Nelson Rigg Sierra Dry Saddlebag. Great price and I like the build quality too. I planned on mounting them to my stock GSA pannier racks. Well I did mount them and dont like the fit. It's mostly on the exhaust side where the rack is arcing over the exhaust. So I'm looking for...
  4. Maintenance and Modifications
    I've been looking at the Hepco bars for a 14 GS and also the wunderlich highway pegs. I've noticed on the wunderlich site for the pegs it mentions that a spacer kit($15) might be required to space out the bars so that the pegs clear. It is a little cryptic though because it talks about the...
  5. I’m interested in brightening my bike after almost getting run into the other day. Any suggestions that I can install as a non mechanic? Also, what is the loudest horn that i should buy? Thanks in advance!
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