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  1. Does my (new) 2005 R1200GS have a chip mod?

    Maintenance and Modifications
    Just got my first R1200GS this week. Its a 2005 model, USA spec, with ABS, 16K miles. I'm probably the 3rd owner. One of the previous owners had done some nice mods to it that I can see - ohlins shocks in the front and rear, horn and aftermarket silencer. It feels more powerful and smoother...
  2. Just got one!

    General chatter
    I have been riding for years! I have had many dual sports, harleys, and other bikes but this is my first BMW. I got a pretty good deal I think. I just bought a 2005 BMW R1200GS, with 300 miles on it.... yes that's right a 2005 with 300 miles on it (and this is 2011). I had some hesitations...