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  1. Power for Zumo GPS and Valentine1 Radar Detector

    I need to power a Zumo GPS and Valentine1 Radar Detector on my 2012 1200GS. Is there a built-in power socket like a Powerlet on thi s bike or do I need to add a fuse block? I don't have plans to add lighting or heated clothing. I've read a lot about the canbus and don't quite understand what...
  2. R1200GS Maintenance Newbie Needs Your Help!

    Maintenance and Modifications
    2015 with 12000 miles, (Dealer serviced at 6000), needs Oil & Filter and Final Gear Oil? But what else?! I'll re-read Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance before I start. But I really need more instruction! All your suggestions and recommendations are really welcome and requested. Is there...
  3. Glad to join all of my fellow riders/adventurers!

    New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, I just got my '08 R1200GS and have been finding lots of useful info on this forum. Thanks to everyone who is posting and making this forum a friendly and useful place! Currently, I'm looking for the following items: -a standard or adventure height seat for my GS -standard height...
  4. R1200GS Side Cases

    Hi everybody, I don’t usually post on the forum but found a new option of cases for my GS and would like to know if anybody has any feadback. The OM bags are quite expensive for me and I like the sport looking of the shad’s Here are some pictures: I read great reviews from the S1000XR...
  5. Extended warranty on a 2008 GSA, yes or no? Is my price reasonable?

    General chatter
    I'm about to buy a used 2008 R1200GS Adventure. The seller is offering me the warranty he has on it (an RPM One Platinum plan) which expires in December 2014 and has unlimited miles. Does anyone have experience using one of these? He'll knock $1250 off the price of the bike if I don't get the...