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  1. Bikemaster lithium battery charger

    Like new charger with SAE plug/end. No charger clamp attachments; what you see is what you get. $30 shipped OBO to lower 48. PayPal you pay fees and I’ll send it USPS with tracking. Thanks!
  2. Shipping Overseas

    General chatter
    Hi All, I will be shipping my 2017 GS from San Francisco to Portugal soon. The moving company told me that I just should make sure that the tank is almost empty and that they would disconnect the battery while the bike is on the ship. The bike will be in the container for about 6 to 8 weeks...
  3. Battery connected wrong way round?

    Maintenance and Modifications
    Hi, I have a 2006 R1200GS. I suspect I may have connected my new battery the wrong way around - foolishly I thought the red cable went to + and black to -, there was a nasty bang from somewhere when the connection was made and I knew I'd done something wrong. Now my electrics are dead, there's...
  4. Cruising RPM's

    General chatter
    I am fairly new to motorcycling and have been enjoying my 2009 GSA for just over a year. Unfortunately, I’ve had some mechanical issues with my bike but that’s another story. My question is about the ideal cruising RPM’s for the GSA. I have been told that the battery does not charge very well...
  5. Not starting after 1 month break

    General chatter
    Hi again, and happy new year to all. I just came back from xmas break and was about to start my ´95 1200GS after no riding for about 1 month. I turn the key and all lights go on, everything checks out with no warning lights appearing, however it wont start. I was expecting a dead battery, but...