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  1. Fuel Return Line

    Maintenance and Modifications
    I've got a 2005 BMW R1200GS - I'm installing a Tour Tank which will be gravity fed. Instead of drilling into the white flange on the right side of the tank can I splice into the Fuel Return Line? (I've attached an image - wanting to splice into the larger tube). Seems less invasive and less...
  2. My GS frame crack

    Maintenance and Modifications
    Dear All I cannot imagine that the GS frame is easily crack from a small fall down. Last week i ride my GSLC for travel and i fall down when i try to park my bike. i felt down and the handle bar (left side) hit the big stone and stay like that, the body of the bike did not touch the ground...
  3. Defective Bulb indicator

    Maintenance and Modifications
    Hello everyone! I'm new to the BMW community....I just purchased a 2005 R1200GS...love it! I have an indication that there is a defective light bulb and the arrow is pointing forward. I've changed all 3 bulbs, however the bad bulb indicator is still on. Any ideas?....Is...