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  1. Maintenance and Modifications
    Hi all, i'm a new GS rider. i just bought a 1200 GSA 2010. the last owner installed a xenon bulb. TG Xénon Bi H4 Eco - TECNO GLOBE this addin causes an voltage alert on the onboard computer. it's not a real problème but i would like to know if it's possible to definetly erase the alert...
  2. General chatter
    Hello all, I just bought a new bulb for my GS at pepboys. Sylvania model H7, I figured it would be a little less expensive than the beemer dealer. My question is this. When I was installing it I noticed the stocker was 12v 55w and the new one is 12.8v 55w. I'm not too educated about all things...
  3. Maintenance and Modifications
    Has anyone had any experience with a Cee Bailies headlight guard causing burnout? I just installed the guard and the bulb burned out the next day. The bulb was from PIAA and had ~5,000 miles in 2 months on it so it could be normal wear but I hope bulbs last longer than that. I am wondering...
1-3 of 3 Results