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  1. Help me farkel a new GS - BMW vs aftermarket

    General chatter
    I am getting a new R1200GS Rally. I'm looking for help on what to get through the dealer vs what is a better value in the after market, and what are the must-haves if the bike will be used in the dirt. Things I am thinking about: Cases - probably Brooks Upper crash bars - probably BMW Highway...
  2. R1200GS Side Cases

    Hi everybody, I don’t usually post on the forum but found a new option of cases for my GS and would like to know if anybody has any feadback. The OM bags are quite expensive for me and I like the sport looking of the shad’s Here are some pictures: I read great reviews from the S1000XR...
  3. Side ALU cases - stains problem

    Riding Gear and Equipment
    Hi GS/GSA owners. I am new on this forum. I have one question.. hope that some one will know where or what is the problem. I have these BMW aluminium side cases from May 2015, which were never damaged, as new, always regulary cleaned (without any aggressive cleaner). Last month I have noticed...