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clutch lever

  1. Clutch lever

    Maintenance and Modifications
    I have a 2014 GSA. I replaced the clutch lever and now the bike will only start in neutral. I can hear the switch trip when I barely pull the clutch and know it’s working because I can shut down cruise control with the slightest clutch pull. Are there 2 switches associated with the clutch? I...
  2. Which adjustable clutch/brake lever to get?

    Maintenance and Modifications
    I have an 09 Adventure (love it!). I want to put an adjustable clutch (and probably brake) lever since most of the pull is wasted (ie - I'm sure you all know, but it seems like only the first 1" (or less) out of the full-pull is needed to completely disengage the clutch). Any suggestions? I...