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  1. Maintenance and Modifications
    Hi guys, I hope everyone is good :) I've searched the forums but couldn't find anyone with the same issue, so please bear with me if I missed something. I have an 2010 R1200GS AC, high mileage but well maintained. I went out for a short ride to gym today, and when I left to go home I heard a...
  2. Maintenance and Modifications
    Hi boys and girls. Sidefx here again to tap the brains and experience of those that know. Question/problem: When I am in close order maneuvers, where I have to feather the clutch, even briefly, I get a ‘burnt brake’ type smell. This does not happen in everyday riding with normal stop and go...
  3. Maintenance and Modifications
    I have a '14 GSA with over 40kmi (virtually zero issues so far). I've heard that the shocks are only good for around 35k and even though they are still fine I assume I'll need to replace them soon enough...I also assume I'll need a clutch sometime soon. I have an idea of the suspension cost...
  4. Maintenance and Modifications
    My 08 GS started making a weird sort of rattling noise at idle which didn't make before (I have 28K miles on it). What's weird is that I noticed the noise stops if I pull the clutch. I am not sure how critical this is or it will get in the short future but I am expecting to spend some $$$$ soon...
  5. Maintenance and Modifications
    Brake - I was changing the tires on my bike yesterday and noticed that the brake rotors have some play in them. The rotors can be moved slightly on a plane parallel to the wheel (not in and out). Is this normal? Both rotors have the same amount of movement and the discs themselves are properly...
  6. General chatter
    Has anybody worked up a fix for the rotating hand guards? Mine can "wander" to the point where they start to contact the clutch and brake hand levers. Apparently BMW does not have a real fix for this....:mad:
1-6 of 6 Results