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  1. 2014 R1200GS - 1200 Miles

    I bought it last year from the original owner. I replaced the oil filter and all of the fluids and put about 550 miles on it. I haven't had enough time to ride this season, so I'd like to sell it to somebody who does. I posted it on my local craigslist, but I can't post links because I don't...
  2. How much did you buy/sell your new/used GS for?

    General chatter
    Hey there everyone, the search is finally done, and I found my latest toy. 2008 1200GSA with only 2355 miles on it! Bought it from Nashville Bloodworth BMW for only $12,299 out the door, with the cases, just yesterday, and I think you may be proud bc I have already put 1000 mi on her just...