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  1. Maintenance and Modifications
    After the bike had been sitting in my garage for over a year I decided to take it out for a spin. The battery had been on the charger the whole time and it was fine, I added 5 gallons of fresh fuel and attempted to start it. The starter turned the engine fine but it would not start, no gas smell...
  2. Maintenance and Modifications
    Hi Fellow Riders, my R1200 has check engine light on (Yellow & Not flashing) and upon cranking the keys to turn on the engine, the sound has a slight "tick" noise. When riding, twisting the throttle does not seem to give it power, and bike has pick up issues. Unable to go above 60km/h. Going...
  3. Maintenance and Modifications
    My 2007 GSA tank has gone from 8.7 gallons to 6 gallons useable fuel. The fuel warning light comes on after 200 miles or so and at 240 miles the engine quits from fuel starvation. When that happens and I refuel, I can only add 6 gallons to the tank before it is full. This all started happening...
  4. General chatter
    More than 50,000 Beemers recalled for fuel leak: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/07/automobiles/bmw-is-recalling-51000-motorcycles-for-fuel-leak.html?_r=0
  5. Maintenance and Modifications
    Dear forum, I am new here, so I'd like first to say hello to all the members of the forum. I am French, leaving in the US, and I own a 2008 R1200GS. This is my 7th BMW and my 4th GS. Enjoying it every day! I would need your help for a technical question. On my 2008 R1200GS, the charcoal filter...
  6. General chatter
    hi, I live in central Missouri and the highest grade fuel I can find here is 93RON. I suspect this is because Missouri forces 10% ethanol into all of the fuel here. at any rate the manual suggests 98RON and as the low alternative 95RON. What do you think, What do you do?
  7. General chatter
    Hello, I was wondering what the proper technique is when filling up the gas tank? I have been reluctant to place the hose all the way down the small filling hole wondering what would happen when the level comes up. Will the pump stop like when filling my car or will there be a spill? All my...
1-7 of 7 Results