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  1. Accessories
    Hello everyone, Decided to buy a Garmin inReach mini, so I typed it into google and clicked on the shopping tab to see if anyone had a better price. Found this Garmin inReach Mini GPS Satellite Communicator Orange And as much as I would like believe that you can get one for half price, Im...
  2. Accessories
    I need to power a Zumo GPS and Valentine1 Radar Detector on my 2012 1200GS. Is there a built-in power socket like a Powerlet on thi s bike or do I need to add a fuse block? I don't have plans to add lighting or heated clothing. I've read a lot about the canbus and don't quite understand what...
  3. GPS Info
    Hi, This is my install of a Garmin Zumo 595lm (would be same as a Garmin Zumo 590lm) on my 2012 R1200GS. they are not well filmed just a guy in the garage. any rate I thought it might be useful to someone. This is basically the same as the 590lm by the way. it is using a TourTech locking...
  4. Accessories
    Hello everybody... though this is my 2nd BMW (first F800/2012) Now 1200GS LC /2014.. it is my first forum participation. Our market is small here and sometimes you need someone to talk to, so here it goes :) couple of questions on the NAV V: 1- is it possible to have the multi controller...
  5. GPS Info
    Garmin seems to be the 800# gorilla in the waterproof-for-motorcycle GPS game; Tom Tom is a little cheaper and DeLorme even cheaper still. Found on Ebay direct imports from China for $150 - $175 (US) with 4.3" touch screen, operating system is Win CE 6.0, bunches of bells and whistles best I can...
  6. General chatter
    Need help finding where to plug in wiring that came with Navigator 4 mount. No wiring instructions came with this unit.
1-6 of 11 Results