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  1. For Sale: 2016 R1200 GSA, $13,950

    2016 BMW R1200 GSA Alpine White with Premium Package: MUST SELL QUICKLY $13,950.00 Moving cross country and need to lighten my load! -Premium Package -Lowered suspension -Weiser LED rear turn signals -PIA front fork lights -Touratech metal headlight guard -Crash bar -Rear pannier rack...
  2. Water pooling Gsa LC rear swing arm mod for draining water

    Maintenance and Modifications
    Hi all so a small dilemma what’s your take how to fix the issue of water pooling inside the swing arm and rusting the splines of the front spline and final drive spline I grease the rear spline every 10000 kilometers and drain the FD oil at the same time as preventative maintenance and every...
  3. BMW Waterproof Inner Bags for Al Panniers

    BMW inner bags that will fit the 36L and 44L aluminum panniers. When I bought my 2017 GSA used, the bags came with the bike. With the way I use my panniers, I just don't have a need for these bags. I've never used the bags myself, but it looks like it was used slightly by the previous owner...
  4. GSA & Mosko Moto WIDTH?

    General chatter
    I need someone with a tape measure and a newer GSA and Mosko 35L bags to help me out. I'd like to know the total bike w/bags WIDTH (empty preferred, but full would be nice too). I'd also be interested in knowing total width of hard panniers on a GSA. (From my research, hard panniers on a GSA...
  5. Advice when shopping for mid-mileage GSA, my first

    General chatter
    I'm in search of my first GSA and have been eyeing a 2007 with just under 70K. I understand that these engines can have a good life but the higher mileage makes me a bit nervous. He is asking $8,500, and I think can get it for around $8K. Feels a bit high to me, so I'm reluctant. The first owner...
  6. GSA pannier installation cost?

    A creind of mine just purchased a GSA and had this question. I thought that the pannier racks came on the GSA and there was no installation cost. Here's the question "The installation cost of the aluminum panniers on the GSA are 104€ for the sides and 69€ for the top case.... I'm looking to get...
  7. Xenon add in on 2010 GSA

    Maintenance and Modifications
    Hi all, i'm a new GS rider. i just bought a 1200 GSA 2010. the last owner installed a xenon bulb. TG Xénon Bi H4 Eco - TECNO GLOBE this addin causes an voltage alert on the onboard computer. it's not a real problème but i would like to know if it's possible to definetly erase the alert...
  8. First day with my new GS adventure

    General chatter
    This morning I picked up my new '14 blue metallic GSAW with all of the options. I traded an '09 GSA, which I had for just over 4 years, put on 34k problem-free miles and loved it. One 'weakness' of the '09 was the power, so I was looking forward to the new GSA and was happy to wait while the...
  9. Instrument cluster problem

    General chatter
    Hi, I have a 2007 GS Adventure that is giving me some trouble when I am trying to start it. With the bike in neutral, stand down and key turned to the on position the instrument cluster will not light up and the bike shows no sign of life. Sometimes it takes 5 or so attempts to get the cluster...