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  1. Accessories
    I’m planning a cross country trip to New Jersey, looking for a way to make the seat more comfortable and need highway pegs. Any hot tips? This will be my first major trip of hopefully many and looking for some comfort. Thanks
  2. Accessories
    Hi All- Looking for a comfy place to rest your feet on long rides? Tune in to see how Illium Works' Versatile Highway Pegs held up over my 9,500 mile long term review! -MKL
  3. Accessories
    Hey All, I found some old threads, but nothing current (2014+). I have a new 2016 GS. At 6'3" and bad knees, I need to stretch out a bit. Ilium Highway Pegs are quite expensive, but I like the way that they offer options for multiple positions. I also found a video (6 years old) that folds...
  4. General chatter
    :confused:Hi frothers, has anyone fitted highway pegs to HB Crash Bars?? Any advice will be appreciated. R1200GS - 2011..: I have found myself resting my feet on top of the HB Crash Bar to give the bottom of my boots a different view from time to time and it helps my legs on long hauls.. just...
1-4 of 5 Results