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  1. Maintenance and Modifications
    Here's what I'm experiencing, thoughts? 1. R1200 was left outside for a few days in a snow/rain cycle at 9000ft in Colorado. I suspect some moisture may have penetrated the ignition/key switch and both the left and right handlebar switches about a year ago. 2. Intermittent failure of the...
  2. Maintenance and Modifications
    My 2013 GSA oil cooled is starting on its own. When i turn the ignition on the starter engages on its own. most of the time until the bike has turned over but sometimes partially. Even after the bike has started you can hear the starter still turning. when you hit the kill switch the bike turns...
  3. Maintenance and Modifications
    This morning I put the key in my 2006 1200GS. All lights appeared on consol and the usual tests performed, ABS blinking, Neutral engaged, I pressed the start button and the motor turned over for one second seemingly about to start then everything just went dead. No slow dying sound - it went...
1-3 of 3 Results