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  1. General chatter
    I'm looking at getting a front lower seat for my 2016 GSA and dealer price is $475. Ain't gonna happen lol. Looking on ebay I found this -...
  2. Maintenance and Modifications
    Who out there has lowered their R1200GS or R1200GSA with ESA using Wilbers ESA compatible shock? How bad is it using the stock center stand with ~2" lowering? Will the lowered center stand for the R1200GS fit the R1200GSA? TNX in advance for your input. Robert
  3. General chatter
    Does anyone know if you can visually tell the difference from a standard 1200GS to one that has the lowered suspension? If anyone has photos that would be great. I'm leaning toward lowering the suspension but keeping the seat standard for comfort, but I dont want a bike that looks lowered...
1-3 of 3 Results