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  1. Maintenance and Modifications
    Am I able to purchase a new locking clasp for the BMW aluminum side case? I had a minor fender bender and crunched up the old one.
  2. Accessories
    Hi, I travel extensively for work, and typically ride to the airport. I usually have a carry-on for 3 days, plus a large laptop bag (with 2, sometimes 3 laptops). I use ratcheting straps to tie the luggage down, but i am looking for a custom solution. Otherwise i spend fifteen minutes making...
  3. Accessories
    Hi all, My first venture into the forum so please be gentle! I have a 2008 R1200GS and am setting it up for a trip from Hobart in Tasmania, Australia to Darwin in the Northern Territory and return. The basic trip is around 12,000km. My lovely wife will be travelling with me and we have vario...
  4. Accessories
    Hello. New to the forum and new to the GS. Love it so far. Curious if anyone has any experience with soft luggage...mainly saddle bags. Are there any out there that clear the exhaust far enough so that the bag doesn't melt? Thanks for any input.
  5. Maintenance and Modifications
    Hi all, I recently came back from a trip with my GS, the bike was quite loaded and the Vario bags quite heavy. I noticed that the one of the support arms bent a bit so now my right case isnt straight anymore but it leans towards the inside. I will have to replace the arm but I am also...
  6. Accessories
    I was struck by the flying top case demon today. Had to go to the centerline to avoid a bicycleist and hit some pot holes. I guess that is when the top case came off. Couldn't find it anywhere. What really tics me off is that the GPS was in it, along with the owners manual, oil fill wrench...
1-6 of 11 Results