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  1. First time BMW owner R1200GS

    New Member Introductions
    Last July, I purchased my dream motorcycle, 2013 R1200GS with 11,000 miles on it. The original owner was an engineer and had a detailed Excel file for all the maintenance completed on the bike. I have owned a Kawasaki 350, Suzuki GS850G, and a Honda 1200 American Classic before this BMW. I...
  2. How many miles is "a lot?"

    General chatter
    When considering a well cared-for used bike, how many miles would you consider to be a lot? Is there a threshold at which a high-mileage bike requires more minor maintenance, or possibly even major work? Thanks all.
  3. R1200GS Maintenance Newbie Needs Your Help!

    Maintenance and Modifications
    2015 with 12000 miles, (Dealer serviced at 6000), needs Oil & Filter and Final Gear Oil? But what else?! I'll re-read Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance before I start. But I really need more instruction! All your suggestions and recommendations are really welcome and requested. Is there...
  4. maintenance KMs

    Maintenance and Modifications
    Hi, I've bought a second hand GSA, 2014 model. I'm a bit confused by maintenance kms. It's a UK model, odometer readings at the maintenance history say; 05/2015 / 500 06/2016 / 5500 ( around 8800km) 11/2016 / 10200 ( around 16500 km) What should be the next maintenance date or km? Is it at...
  5. $850 AUD Service Cost$

    Maintenance and Modifications
    Hi all I purchased a 2006 r1200 gsa a month ago which has just reached 40 000km, having rang around to get a price on servicing it I am shocked to have been quoted $850 AUD. Now I used to service all my own vehicles in the past and at this price I am going to go back to servicing my own. What...