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  1. GPS Info
    And more generally how do you truly fully properly wipe a NAV V? Anyplace on my NAV V where I can "import" data (tracks, trips, addresses, ...) there's a ton of old data (e.g., old trips / routes) that I can import. I want to delete that data. Importing something does not remove it from the...
  2. GPS Info
    As you Garmin Nav V users may know, the date reverted to April 2000 in October of this year due to a Y2K fix that was limited to roughly 20 years. Garmin just came out with a software update that fixes the issue. Just use Garmin Express on your computer to upgrade your device. You can see the...
  3. GPS Info
    Recently I was riding and needed to make a phone call. I pulled up the phone menu and was shocked that my contacts were not an option to select, I could speak dial, or get numeric key pad. Am I missing something? If it’s this dumb, then I really cannot justify connecting my phone through the...
1-3 of 3 Results