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  1. Maintenance and Modifications
    Just updated the Navigator V with Garmin Express and put back on the bike, now the multicontroller does not control the GPS anymore. Tried resetting the Garmin and the bike several times, and putting on/off the cradle. Any ideas?
  2. GPS Info
    As you Garmin Nav V users may know, the date reverted to April 2000 in October of this year due to a Y2K fix that was limited to roughly 20 years. Garmin just came out with a software update that fixes the issue. Just use Garmin Express on your computer to upgrade your device. You can see the...
  3. General chatter
    Anyone had their Nav 5 go into freak out mode after trying to do an update? I contacted Garmin and they instructed me to press the bottom right of screen and power it up, but it cycles through location, language, then simply resets. Anyone know of a fix for this situation? Thanks! ps. I'm...
  4. Accessories
    Hey all, I'm new to the forum, and new to the GS. Mine is a 2016 Triple Black that's 2 weeks old. I have searched YouTube for good instructional videos on the Nav 5 Multi-controller, but really have not found anything. I specifically want to know if you can scroll through saved addresses or...
  5. GPS Info
    Hey All I have a Navigator V on a R1200GS and this works fine for on road adventures. I have recently started to go onto gravel and now need to be able to navigate forest / fire service roads and tracks. I looked at the Garmin website and I can see loads of different map options like 24k &...
  6. General chatter
    Hi everyone, I'm about to put a deposit on a 2015 R1200 GS. I was wondering; - how do people find the oem BMW lower crash bars? Are they worth the money or should I go aftermarket? If I do, are there any brands to avoid? It seems some people have had bad experiences with the Happy Trails bars...
1-6 of 7 Results