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    I bought a used 2016 R12GS that has the thumbwheel and bar under the windshield, so it seems to be prepped for GPS, but it didn't come with the mounting base plate hardware. So I bought a Nav VI, but it came with the 4-button cradle which doesn't support the thumbwheel. So I need the cradle that...
  2. Accessories
    I'm looking at a 2013 machine with a navigator mount, but no head unit. Which unit was current (from the factory) in 2103? I've attached a picture of the mount. Will this work with more than one unit? What models should I be looking at for a replacement without replacing the mount? Thanks all.
  3. General chatter
    Anyone had their Nav 5 go into freak out mode after trying to do an update? I contacted Garmin and they instructed me to press the bottom right of screen and power it up, but it cycles through location, language, then simply resets. Anyone know of a fix for this situation? Thanks! ps. I'm...