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  1. General chatter
    I am getting a new R1200GS Rally. I'm looking for help on what to get through the dealer vs what is a better value in the after market, and what are the must-haves if the bike will be used in the dirt. Things I am thinking about: Cases - probably Brooks Upper crash bars - probably BMW Highway...
  2. Riding Gear and Equipment
    Having taken the new air cooled GS out for 2 test rides and the Old (er) twin cam I'm undecided if I should spend £14 plus K on new one. or £8 to 9 K on a triple Black C 10 k miles, 20011, with luggage etc. Had 1150 till recently. I have read the reviews, love the new bike but still love the...
  3. General chatter
    I'm pretty damn close to making a purchase on a 2011 triple black. My question may seem a bit naive but I'm wondering how much to pay. The bike before tax-license, dock fees,yadda yadda is $18,880.00( which total $2051.70) bringing the total to $21450.20(they added a ca tire tax of $3.50) I've...
1-3 of 3 Results